The desire to change the world of sports

Integrating innovation and everyday life is a challenge that Xtech has received and treated in the philosophy of a company with an eye always in the view of the future and a stable DNA in its Italian roots.
The recipe is made of few values.
High technology:  the desire to change the world of sport through research is the vital part of Xtech. High performance yarns are used in a revolutionary production process, where latest machinery alongside classic manufacturing, interacting with the Italian craftsmanship.
Excellence: standing out on the international scene through the Italian know-how is a staple for Xtech. Learning from the past rooted in the tradition of Made in Italy, enriching it with the most sophisticated technology to make garments dedicated to a demanding and modern consumer.
Wellness: research is the basis of Xtech philosophy, the goal is to design a product perfectly integrated with the athlete’s anatomy. Hosiery and underwear more and more similar to an extension of the body to create a complete harmony with the wearer.
Sensitivity: a whole new way of conceiving sportswear. The imagination is the engine that has driven the company to constantly exceed its limits. A seat conceived as a creative laboratory where tradition and modernity coexist, to ensure comfort and maximum performance.