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Summer shorts PODIUM / X-Tech Sport Design

X-Tech Sport Design presents the brand-new PODIUM summer dungarees, available from 01/04/2017 in the best cycling shops!
Hereunder are the features of these innovative dungarees:
– ultralight and transpiring perforated braces: they support without constraints guaranteeing maximum comfort;
-Net insert to maximize the expulsion of sweat;
– Elastic Interface® external padding: thanks to the high density inserts arranged in the ischial and bone rotation zone, it guarantees excellent protection and wearability;
– Inimitable fit and comfort, no rubbing, no friction and no irritation: a compression structure designed to help the muscles, made of breathable materials and inserts.

XTech Video - Complete presentation "PREMIUM"

X-Tech Sport Design presents the new technical outfit Mod. PREMIUM (shirt + pants + socks)!
Revolutionary aeration system with hexagonal weave, positioned in the zones of greater sweating. This treatment amplifies the air flow which circulates in the fabric weaves and therefore optimizes the evaporation and air-conditioning process.
Exclusive three-dimensional cell structure that doubles the surface of “active” fabric for sweat traspiration and the body thermoregulation. This treatment helps to support the muscles by also performing a massaging effect.

X-LIGHT: the sock that lights up in the dark!

These socks are made with seamless technology with differentiated 3D structure.
Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with research laboratories, X-Tech® has created X-Light, an original and innovative footwear that, in the absence of light, is able to illuminate not for reflected light, but with its own light: this ensures better visibility in the darker environments and in the night hours, thus greater security for the person wearing them.
No-stress lycra wristband, anti-wear reinforced toe and heel, ultra-flat toe stitching: all made with innovative and cutting-edge fabrics and production techniques.
Thanks to increasingly up-to-date and revolutionary machinery, we have created one of our flagship products, which allows X-Tech® to make a real leap in quality.
The materials used are highly sought-after to ensure maximum performance, especially for cycling, running and athletics.
The particular knitting process, with various densities, is designed to maximize the speed of sweat expulsion.
This garment is certified and complies with the tests on harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Video XTech Sport testimonial - RANIERO TESTA

XTech Sport & Raniero Testa
Raniero Testa is an Italian trapshooter, holder of 5 world records.
Hailing from Monte San Giovanni Campano in the province of Frosinone, but an assiduous goer of Fontana Liri, there he took up his career, which was started as a hobby. In 2011 he conquered his first record by mounting the rifle and hitting a plate in 1.9 seconds; in 2012 the second record by hitting 12 targets with a single throw with 12 shots in 2.36 seconds beating the American Patrick Flanigan; In 2013 came the third record by hitting 9 targets with 9 shots in 1.1 seconds, then in 2014 the fourth record by hitting at 10 and 50 meters 5 targets in less than a second. On 15th September 2015 came the fifth record with 25 targets out of 25 hit blindfolded. He is being currently sponsored by Winchester Arms.
On 2nd July 2015, he received the title of Standard Bearer from the Prefect of Frosinone.

XTech Sport Design - Presentation

A solid link to the origins and an incessant gaze at the future. For over 35 years Xtech has been producing technical garments that satisfy all athletes, even the most demanding ones. It all started in 1981 with a cutting-edge sock and over the years, then, it came the seamless underwear with a wide range of accessories. The goal has been always clear: to create quality through innovation.
Sport is going through a constant change as well as science and the equipment cannot be exempt from this continuous transformation. On the one hand health and safety are essential for every athlete, on the other every sport has different needs. For this reason Xtech offers specific models for all kinds of sports.
No future without change, that is in the beginning of the evolutionary cycle. The secret is to change while remaining oneself by improving one’s potential.
The Xtech revolution resides in the ability to learn from the know-how of the family history, keeper of the traditional art of Italian weaving, to create the product of the future.
Through a meticulous attention to production, attention to details and constant research, Xtech always guarantees maximum comfort and performance.
In the newest seat in Paitone (Brescia), built in respect of the environment, the machine fleet is constantly renewed, the yarns used comply with the tests for harmful substances and high technology developed in the laboratories has given rise to two innovative fibers: XPro and XDRY.
Nothing is left to chance and every single finished product is cutting-edge and high-performance. An innovative way of thinking about manufacturing to ensure that excellence of Made in Italy which is the essence of each Xtech garment.

Video XTech - Resistex® Bioceramic

Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber that XTECH® uses, linked to bio-ceramic crystals and able to perform a highly beneficial action for the human body.
On the one hand, a natural absorbing function against harmful UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays that cause skin irritation, burns and melanomas. On the other, the reflective action of the rays of a thermal nature constitutes a true shielding effect against sun heat.
The unique technology of Resistex® Bioceramic allows lowering the temperature of the internal fabric surface ensuring freshness and comfort during sports activity and exposure to sun.
For further information: www.resistex.com

Video XTech - Resistex® Carbon

Resistex® Carbon is a yarn that XTECH® uses, with unique technical characteristics, consisting of a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon and textile fibers.
Here are the results of the tests carried out: the first significant data concern the body temperature measured on the athletes. When wearing Resistex® Carbon underwear and socks, the temperature variation was in fact three times lower than that measured with 100% polyester t-shirts.
The exceptional fabric transpiration allows a faster moisture evaporation.
During a hard training, the subjects’ respiratory parameters were favorably modified. Indeed, the oxygen requirement of three liters / minute and the respiratory quotient have been reduced. The heart rate is 4 beats / minute lower than those wearing the 100% polyester shirt. The concentration of lactic acid in the capillary blood is about 12% less.
In light of these results, we can state that the Resistex® Carbon garments positively influence wellbeing and performance, and significantly reduce the risk of injury and muscle strain.
For further info: www.resistex.com

Video XTech - Resistex® - Copper

Resistex® Copper is a yarn that XTECH® uses, with high technological content obtained from the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper.
Copper has high thermal conductivity and antibacterial properties. It is an essential element for the human body.
Main characteristics:
Because copper is able to eliminate a large spectrum of microbes by acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. Thanks to this property, it helps in the reduction of bad smells caused by some microbes.
Because its special conductive fibers absorb and disperse the electrical charges accumulated by the external environment or during physical activity.
Because its particular structure keeps its effectiveness constant over time, even after numerous washes.
Because copper is present in the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which carries out a valid action against free radicals, cause of ageing.
Because in human metabolism copper is necessary for growth and development and is essential for good health.